2018, it's ‍‍‍on.

House music is our foundation. Freedom is our creed.
Lames, creeps and inhibitions not allowed.

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An AfroFuturistic, BDSM-themed dance party.



Photo by C‍‍‍harod Temple

‍‍‍‍‍‍vide‍‍‍o by subverse studios

Thee most wonderfully wild assemblage of uninhibited, beautiful, (mostly) brown bodies. Were U there?

2017 expanded 2 include an erotic, never-B4-seen performance by Khari B.’s “Osun’s Waters” project, a live, 5 piece all-woman band engaging in the sexually-charged musical manifestations of some of Khari B.’s most sensuous work.

Soul controllers on the decks were D-Ball's musical architect, DJ BIG WILL, Chicago westside legend Jo de Presser, House music royalty and internationally renown superstar GENE HUNT and Chicago Reader recognized best DJ in Chicago and co-founder of both AfroFuturistic and Party Noire, RAE CHARDONNAY! Held, as usual, N a secret location, BODIES PAID N SWEAT!!!

This production is part of a continued mission to inspire, educate and empower audiences as to their own greatness while adding how the art can be expressed over multiple mediums for a more lasting experience. The entire event is, at its base, a tasteful, erotically-themed, living art exhibition where music, spirits, art and performance are synergized for the most memorable, highly-anticipated, sensual, sensory-engaging engagement every single year 4 the last 13 years. N 2018 we continue 2 grow‍‍‍.


‍‍‍‍‍‍the most bangingness, hardest, loveliest, sexiest, hottest, most beautiful, most sensual, deliciously dark, electrically charged, scandalous, magnificently melanated, pulsating, pleasing, soul-satisfying‍‍‍, lasciviously liberating evening of  2017.  It's so good 2 B this bad!