2019 was ridiculous!

2020 we're coming even harder!

House music is our foundation. Freedom is our creed.
Lames, creeps and inhibitions not allowed.‍‍‍

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Thee AfroFuturistic, BDSM-themed living exhibition. Come and be!






Photo by Charod Temple

video by subverse studios

Thee most wonderfully wild assemblage of uninhibited, beautiful, (mostly) brown bodies. Were U there?


2020  includes plans 2 relaunch and grow "PERMISSION," the amazing visual exhibit of 15 years of this event along with Afro-erotic work from some of the greatest artists & photographers of our time.  Live performances, smaller, more exclusive events, the summer event, new music and more are all in development to share with all U wild and free spirits this period. Stay tuned. The Debauchery family is with U, even N this time of uncertainty.


This growing production is part of a continued mission to inspire, educate and empower audiences as to their own beauty and power, re-righting the perception of Black sexuality and fillng souls with joy. The entire event is, at its base, a tasteful, erotically-themed, living art exhibition where music, spirits, art and performance are synergized for the most memorable, highly-anticipated, sensual, sensory-engaging engagement every  year 15 years going. N 2020 we continue 2 grow.


Catch The Debauchery Ball documentary by subverse studio on Kweli TV and see what all the wonderfulness is all about and add some levity to being inside today.


the most bangingness, hardest, loveliest, sexiest, hottest, most beautiful, most sensual, deliciously dark, electrically charged, scandalous, magnificently melanated, pulsating, pleasing, soul-satisfying, lasciviously liberating production.   It's so good 2 B this bad!

PERMISSION: the exhibit | W.B.R. Fashion Show, Spring 2019 | Winter Babies Revenge                 Summer DBall, pending | DBall the Film, Now Showing |   Debauchery Ball 2020, 12/11/20